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Committed : Men Tell Stories of Love, Commitment, and Marriage

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ISBN: 158234499X
Издательство: Bloomsbury USA
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 256
Book Description A deeply personal collection of essays and stories that busts open one of the most enduring mysteries between the sexes-what makes a man commit?-as revealed by the finest male authors of our time. What makes a man want to leave the single life behind? Why do some married men stay the course, while others stray? In this gathering of compelling contemporary voices, the answers come as men speak intimately about the struggles-and joys-of finding and remaining in a committed relationship. Whether it's a confession of sexual misconduct, or of the poker like bluffs that create the happy illusion of monogamy; whether it's Rick Moody on the surprising way he changed his position on marriage, or David Sedaris on how not to let your partner grow overly familiar; or Geoff Dyer, John Seabrook, James McManus, and many others on what defines (and tests) the journey to lasting love, these celebrated authors explore aspects of themselves-bravely, humorously,...
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