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CCNP Cisco Networking Academy Program: Semester Five Lab Companion, Advanced Routing

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ISBN: 1578702348
Издательство: Pearson Education
This title will provide students and instructors with printed material for the labs in Semester 5 of the Academy program. In addition to the lab exercises included in the Fifth-Semester Companion Guide, this lab manual will include no fewer than three bonus activities that focus on additional concepts, such as BGP attributes. The bonus exercises provide students with optional labs that can be used as extra credit or more focused study. This lab manual will also contain two large case studies that are not currently available in any other publication, on-line or otherwise. Students and teachers can use these case studies as group projects, midterms, final projects, or final exam preparation.Finally, the lab manual will contain the following appendices useful to both instructors and students: answers to lab exercise questions, configuration instructions for the Atlas 550, basic troubleshooting techniques, IOS command reference specific to the labs, and suggested physical lab...