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CISCO IOS 12.0 Solution Network Protocols Volume II: IPX, Apple Talk, and More

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ISBN: 1578701643
Издательство: Pearson Education
Documentation from the Cisco IOS Reference Library Learn how to configure your network environment through detailed examples and illustrations Uncover system optimization techniques that will strengthen results Understand the latest functionality for widely used protocols Discover appropriate command syntax and usage in the comprehensive command reference Cisco IOS 12.0 Solutions for Network Protocols, Volume II: IPX, AppleTalk, and More provides insight on implementing various network protocols in your enterprise or service provider network. You will learn the latest functionalities of Novell IPX, AppleTalk, and other desktop protocols. Configuration examples are provided throughout the book and chapter-by-chapter command references make solutions easy to find. This book will provide you with greater understanding of networking protocols and services supported by Cisco IOS 12.0 and will show you how to configure them -- equipping you...