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Inc. Cisco Systems, Cisco Networking Academy Program

Cisco Networking Academy Program: Second-Year Companion Guide (2nd Edition)

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ISBN: 1587130297
Издательство: Pearson Education
The only authorized textbook for the Cisco Networking Academy Program This newly revised and expanded edition maps to the current version of the web-based curriculum and contains many advancements and learning aids, including the following: Additional chapters, not found in the web-based curriculum, include remote access technologies, virtual private networks (VPNs), and developing network security and network management strategies Companion CD-ROM contains exclusive enrichment materials such as interactive e-Lab activities, animations, and CCNA preparation questions that prepare you for the practical portion of the CCNA exam Chapter objectives provide references to the concepts covered in each chapter Reviewquestions at the end of each chapter help track your progress and focus your study New Command Summary adds to your understanding of commands used to configure Cisco routers and references the chapters in which each command...