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Ray Horak, Harry Newton, Mark A. Miller

Communications Systems and Networks

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ISBN: 0764548999, 9780764548994
Издательство: Wiley
* Convergence is confusing. Convergence is critical. And convergence is real. In this book, industry pundit Ray Horak describes how the merging of voice and data networks has evolved and is likely to evolve as we move toward an information-based economy. * Beginning with the fundamentals of communications technology, the book grounds the reader in basic telecommunications concepts including circuits (dedicated, switched and virtual), switches (circuit, packet, and frame), and the issues involved indigital and analog transmission. * Describes the rudiments of transmission media, from twisted pair and coaxial cable to satellite and fiber-optic transmission. * Introduces the basics of voice systems, beginning with legacy networks like keytelephone systems and including PBXs, Centrex, Automatic Call Distributors, and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). * Explains the fundamentals of data communications, including basic LAN and WAN engineering, modems and other...
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