Обложка книги Community Networks: Lessons From Blacksburg, Virginia

Community Networks: Lessons From Blacksburg, Virginia


ISBN: 1580530303;
Издательство: Artech House Publishers

Stories exploring life in "America's most wired town", Blacksburg, Virginia, have appeared in major publications internationally. Articles in Esquire, USA Weekend, and Reader's Digest have captured the public's interest, and now there's a revealing inside look at the five-year evolution of the Blacksburg Electronic Village -- the ground-breaking venture that has linked the citizens of Blacksburg, Virginia to each other and to the rest of the world, based on 100% Internet technology. The book explains exactly how the Blacksburg Community Network has developed, from its original concept in 1991 to how it is managed today. It addresses the social, economic, technical, and educational impact of living in a "connected town," based on community-widesurveys, focus groups, and data logging efforts. It shows the services currently offered and how they are used by community members, and discusses what has and hasn't worked -- and why. In addition, the book describes the essential...