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Tcat Houser

ExamWise For CompTIA A+ Core Hardware Exam 220-231 (With Online Exam)

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ISBN: 1590952677
Издательство: Total Recall Publications Inc.
This Q&A study guide is designed specifically for the interim CompTIA A+ Core Hardware certification exam (220-231), which will be given from September 12, 2003 through November 2003 only. Then it will be retired and replaced by a totally new exam devoted to 2003 objectives. The interim exam continues to score 2001 objectives and also provides you a chance to practice against upcoming 2003 objectives without having them count in your final score. The practice questions in this guide cover all of the2001 core exam topics and also include a number of 2003 items to help you test your knowledge of the latest real-world technology. Part of the TotalRecall IT Certification System Series, this ExamWise text is a handy Q&A guide that uses a unique format of two questions per page, with answers and explanations on the reverse page. It also includes free access to a BeachFront Quizzer online exam. If you are looking for lots of exam practice, then this is the book for you. However,...
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