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Raj Jain

Fddi Handbook: High-Speed Networking Using Fiber and Other Media

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ISBN: 0201606372
Издательство: Addison Wesley Publishing Company
At 100 megabits per second-- 10 times the speed of Ethernet-- Fiber Data Interface (FDDI) is the next generation of high-speed networking technology. Computer manufacturers have already developed FDDI interfaces for all major computer systems including supercomputers, workstations, and personal computers, a testament to the tremendous potential of this fiber-optic LAN standard. As a networking professional-- whether a user, buyer, manager, or designer-- you will find the "FDDI Handbook" an indispensible guide to understanding key concepts and features of this very important technology. This book covers all of the components of the FDDI standard as well as critical issues related to design, layout, purchase, and use. It answers many of the questions you may have, such as: How does FDDI work and what factors influence its design? How do I install and manage an FDDI network? How should I configure the network for high availability and performance? What features should I...
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