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Hack Proofing Your Wireless Network

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ISBN: 1928994598; 9781928994596;
Издательство: Syngress
Страниц: 608

Traditionally, someone had to be sitting in front of your computer to read your documents, see your e-mail, and play with your settings. Today, however, someone can be sitting in the office next door, a few floors up, or even in the next building, and have the same abilities as if he were in front of your computer. Are you using an 802.11 or Bluetooth device on your computer? Are you using a PDA to communicate with other systems or to get onto the Internet? Are you using a cellular phone to initiate a network connection back to your office? Have you just set up the latest wireless gateway at home? Are you planning on implementing a wireless solution in your office? Then you need Hack Proofing Your Wireless Network.

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