Обложка книги High Performance TCP/IP Networking

High Performance TCP/IP Networking


ISBN: 0130646342;
Издательство: Prentice Hall

Written by best selling author, Raj Jain, and his authoritative co-author, this book features leading edge issues and solutions for high performance TCP/IP networking, this easy-to-read book provides a one-stop-shop for coverage of the many changes to the TCP protocol over the last two decades and all important research results. Professionals can keep themselves up-to-date with advances in this area and learn many potential performance problems and solutions for running TCP/IP in the emerging networking environment. An international expert in the field captures state of the art topics in each chapter in the five-part organization. Part I introduces the scope of the book, Part II provides detailed coverage of the tools and techniques for performanceevaluation of TCP/IP networks, Part III examines the performance concepts and issues for running TCP/IP in the emerging network environment, Part IV discusses congestion control, and Part V explores the performance issues in...