Обложка книги Network Management: Concepts and Practice, A Hands-On Approach

Network Management: Concepts and Practice, A Hands-On Approach

ISBN: 0130329509;
Издательство: Prentice Hall

5K-4, 0-13-032950-9, Burke, J. Richard, Network Management/* Especially designed for those with limited background in network management, this volume presents the standard networking concepts and provides readers with one of the only books available to demonstrate how to practice those concepts on a small LAN . The manual uses a network management application that enables users to focus on the fundamentals of network management rather than components important on large production networks. The author provides an overview of network management and network management strategies, networking components, configuration client/server components and infrastructure components, as well as SNMP, RMON, RMON2 and other network management tools and initiatives. For Network Administrators, Network Managers and Network Engineers.

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