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Peter Varhol

Network-Centric Computing: Preparing the Enterprise for the Next Millennium

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ISBN: 1566079985
Издательство: Computer Technology Research Corporation
This new report from CTR traces the development of network-centric computing and describes the effects it will have on the enterprise. The report serves as a guide for information technology (IT) professionals who are responsible for enabling network-centric computing. Network-centric Computing Explored CTR's new report, Network-centric Computing: Preparing the Enterprise for the Next Millennium, provides a strategic analysis of the major issues of network-centric computing. This philosophy - network-centric computing - involves a complex relationship between computer user, local computer, server, and data beyond the server. The report will help information systems (IS) managers: evaluate the potential for network computing devices, understand the technical aspects of network-centric computing, and determine the benefits and limitations of this emerging technology. Java: The Key to Network-centric Computing With the explosive growth of the Internet and the Web and the...