Обложка книги Open Control Networks: Lonworks/Eia 709 Technology

Open Control Networks: Lonworks/Eia 709 Technology

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ISBN: 0792374061;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers

Control networks span a wide range of application areas. These networks are put into action in the `Digital Home', industrial applications, commercial buildings, transportation systems, gas stations, security systems, and they are found in most instanceswhere smart sensors and smart actuators are used to exchange information. The authors of this volume provide an overview of various control network protocols and discuss LonTalk TM protocol, Neuron TM chip, programming model, network structures, network management, interoperability between nodes, application profiles, development and maintenance tools, performance analysis, and standardization activities. Open Control Networks: LonWorks/EIA 709 Technology will be an important resource for advanced students of control systems and embedded systems, engineers designing distributed networks, systems designers and architects, and others developing smart buildings and intelligent transportation systems.