Обложка книги Word of Mouse : The New Age of Networked Media

Word of Mouse : The New Age of Networked Media

ISBN: 0972456260;
Издательство: Consortium

The rapid convergence of media and digital technology has remained one of the world?s most vivid business stories even through the "dot-bomb" recession of the past few years. In Word Of Mouse: The New Age of Networked Media, author Jim Banister provides an essential guide to how the convergence of "digital" and "networked" can and should unfold over the next few years, and analyzes how media will be transformed by the increasing primacy of networked media. As more and more devices become networked?not only personal computers via the internet, but also game consoles, mobile phones, TV/media viewers, household appliances?the "network" becomes pervasive. But what of the programming created to flow through this network? Banister demonstrates how our conceptions of programming are evolving (and, he convincingly argues, must continue to evolve) so that networked media can enable dimensions of creativity, community, and commerce heretofore unimagined. Along the way, he...