Обложка книги CCNP 2.0 : Routing

CCNP 2.0 : Routing

ISBN: 013090306X;
Издательство: Prentice Hall PTR; 1st edition
Страниц: 352

Want Cisco's high-value CCNP 2.0 certification? Here's the hands-on training and practical insight you need to pass Cisco's tough new Routing Exam (640-503)! In CCNP 2.0: Routing, one of the world's leading Cisco networking instructors offers start-to-finish coverage of every exam objective (including extensive labs and advanced scenarios that deliver unbeatable real-world practice! You'll start by reviewing the fundamentals of routing and the key problems internetworking professionals must solve to deliver scalable, reliable, secure Cisco enterprise networks. Understand the limitations of conventional IP addressing and key solutions, such as Variable Length Subnet Masking and broadcasting. Next, master each key Cisco protocol for advanced internetworking and their key applications. Coverage includes: EIGRP in LAN and WAN environments(including frame relay and other NBMA networks OSPF configuration for LANs and WANs(including scalability issues, VSLM, and route...