Обложка книги Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit

ISBN: 1-85326-182-3; 9781853261824;
Издательство: Wordsworth Editions Limited
Страниц: 742

`Little Dorrit` is a classic Dickensian tale of imprisonment - both literal and symbolic - while Dickens` working title for the novel, `Nobody`s Fault`, emphasises its theme of personal responsibility in all areas of life. The book draws intimately on the author`s own personal childhood experiences of the dreadful Marshalsea Debtor`s Prison and is full of psychological insights combining fascinating historical and social detail and masterful character portrayal to create a dramatic `tour de force`. Indisputably one of Dickens` finest works, George Bernard Shaw described `Little Dorrit` as a `masterpiece among many masterpieces`, a verdict shared by millions of readers before and since.

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