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Robert Meyers-Lussier

This Is Delicious! What Is It? : An Eclectic Collection of International Comfort Foods

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ISBN: 0595305059
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 384
From Europe to the Far East, Robert Meyers-Lussier's travels have tantalized his taste buds with delectable delights. With over 250 recipes and 75 photographs, he has captured the cozy essence of the most comforting dishes uncovered from cuisines around the world. From France there is a soothing Vichyssoise and Germany a gratifying Neu Sauerbraten. Along the Mediterranean is a relaxing dish called Pastitsa, from Greece. Crossing the sea to the Middle East is an Apple Baklava that strengthens the after-dinner spirit. Traveling through Russia, Borscht satisfies the beet lover. Across the Asian continent, Sunomono refreshes from Japan. Down the coast, the Thai offer their palatial dish, Pad Thai. Sailing the Pacific, a luscious Tropical Cheesecake beckons. While many of the dishes are inspired from their native counterparts, Meyers-Lussier has developed versions that are easy to recreate and within the comfort zone of most American's palates. His background in teaching has aided...