Обложка книги A Reluctant Cinderella

A Reluctant Cinderella

ISBN: 9780141026817;
Издательство: Penguin Books Ltd

Samantha Sharp turned seventeen, left her old life behind and moved to London, determined to make her fortune. Ten years later and she's a super-agent to the stars, with her name in the papers, millions in the bank, and one success after another. Love has taken a back seat because her past has put her off relationships for good. Everyone's got a history but Samantha's is particularly murky. What's more, she hasn't got to the top of her game without collecting a few enemies along the way. So when she meets a man who might be a little bit dangerous, someone she's finally close to loving, is there anyone to tell her what a terrible mistake she's making? Will Samantha find her happy ever after? And if her carefully hidden past comes into the light,will her fairytale coach turn back into a pumpkin? Samantha Sharp needs to find a way to cling onto her sparkle...

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