Обложка книги Fiji's Natural Heritage

Fiji's Natural Heritage

ISBN: 0908988141;
Издательство: Exisle
Страниц: 288

Fiji’s Natural Heritage is the acclaimed introduction to the flora, fauna and ecology of the Fiji Islands. First published in 1988, this superb new edition has been completely revised, expanded and redesigned. Written for the general reader as well as for the natural history enthusiast, Fiji’s Natural Heritage is the only book that provides a comprehensive overview of Fiji’s rich biodiversity. The Fiji Islands have a large number of endemic species. These and the introduced species are illustrated and described with their common, scientific and Fijian names given. Paddy Ryan’s text is packed with fascinating biological facts and features, as well as many engaging anecdotes detailing encounters with his subjects including the grey reef shark, the crested and the banded iguana, the fiddler crab (which signals frantically to potential mates with its enlarged chela or claw), the frigate bird (an aerial pirate), and Fiji’s national flower, the tagimaucia.