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Portfolio №30. Spezial Fotografie. Karl Lagerfeld. Dreams

Обложка книги Portfolio №30. Spezial Fotografie. Karl Lagerfeld. Dreams

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Серия: Stern Spezial Fotografie
ISBN: 3570193489
Издательство: teNeues
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 96
For decades the king of Paris fashion, Karl Lagerfeld is an artist whose work comes to life in front of the camera. But what happens when he steps behind the lens? Magic, mystery, and more, as is evidenced by this volume of beautiful, sensual, and imaginative images that reveals an entirely new dimension to Lagerfeld's genius. Spanning all aspects of the genre from classic to avant-garde, these photographs recall the work of Atget, Richter, and Peter Lindbergh. Scenes of Paris streets and buildings, fashion models, celebrities, nudes, still-lives, and other objects of beauty provide insight into Lagerfeld's aesthetic. His technical skills, use of lighting, and sense of composition rival that of his most accomplished contemporaries. Karl Lagerfeld is a man of many talents. The photographs for this edition were selected by Karl Lagerfeld himself-some of them were especially taken for this Portfolio.