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Sophia Kudriavtseva, Nina Tarasova, Alexander Butiagin, Marina Kozlovskaya

The Hermitage

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Серия: Внесерийное издание
ISBN: 5-93893-076-6, 978-5-93893-076-6
Издательство: Иван Федоров
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 512
Формат: 60х90/8
There are few museums in the world of the Hermitage range, and even among them the Hermitage stands out thanks to its exclusive features. Different physical and spiritual spaces cross in the Hermitage, strikingly and sometimes unexpectedly. The metamorphoses occurring with them open up endless images of the artistic universe of the Hermitage. Common notions of dimensions, relationships and movements are not always valid for these spaces. The Hermitage occupies nine buildings today. However, there are more of them in reality. The Winter Palace of Peter the Great, which is situated within the Hermitage Theatre, under its stage, might well be added to them. Another building to be taken into account is the Stock Repository located in the area of Staraya Derevnya, if only half-completed now... The museum has several symbols. The two principal ones are the Portico with Atlantes at the New Hermitage and the Main Gate of the Winter Palace. The right to typify the Hermitage is...