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Mikhail Piotrovsky

Historical Legends of the Quran

Обложка книги Historical Legends of the Quran

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ISBN: 5-9501-0076-X
Издательство: Славия
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 160
This book is a new stage of my reflections on the Quran and historical subjects found therein. "Historical" is used above in the same sense as in Rembrandt's day to a genre of Dutch painting: to include all stories about the past, primarily those pertaining to holy history. It all started with a hundred of my articles in the famous Myths of the Peoples of the World encyclopedia. The book brought to your attention today contains г most everything that has been written before, with new sides and aspects brought into play. One of them deals with visual imagery. This book is intended for non-Muslims. Muslims have their own characteristic emotions arising from their own spiritual experience. They do not need any analysis for practising their religion. The analysis offered below is based on a universally acknowledged scholarly approach employed by us in order to understand a minor, yet important part of the Quranic message in the context of the other cultures surrounding Islam...