Обложка книги Op-Center 08: Line of Control (Op-Center)

Op-Center 08: Line of Control (Op-Center)

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ISBN: 0425180050;
Издательство: Berkley
Страниц: 384

It`s a mission that only Striker - the military arm of Op-Center - can handle: capture an Islamic cleric who is stirring up a rebellion against the Indian government. But when the border between India and Pakistan erupts, the Striker team gets caught in the crossfire. Now America`s most proficient covert team is trapped in a full-fledged war. Their fate rests in the hands of a devious double-agent whose own agenda is unknown - a man who could just as easily sell them out as set them free... A powerful profile of America`s defense, intelligence, and crisis management technology, `Tom Clancy`s Op-Center` is the creation of Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik - inspiring this and other gripping novels.