Обложка книги Scent of Danger

Scent of Danger

ISBN: 0743446135;
Издательство: Pocket Star
Страниц: 496

Handsome, charismatic and successful beyond his wildest dreams, street kid-turned-perfume magnate Carson Brooks has it all-except the knowledge of whether an anonymous sperm donation he made almost 30 years earlier resulted in a child. When a gunshot from an unknown assailant permanently damages his kidneys, the question of paternity becomes critical. Incredibly, Carson's attorney and prot‚g‚ Dylan Newport manages to track down Carson's daughter, management consultant Sabrina Radcliffe, in less than a day. In just as little time, Dylan persuades her to leave her budding business, meet her father, step in as president of Carson's company and part with one of her kidneys. As Sabrina's bond with Carson deepens, so do her feelings for Dylan, but their blossoming relationship is threatened by someone intent on eliminating them. Many of the plot elements are both improbable and familiar from other romances, but Kane's (No Way Out; The Gold Coin) diverse cast of characters and careful...

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