Обложка книги Count to Ten

Count to Ten

ISBN: 0446616907;
Издательство: Warner Vision
Страниц: 576

Rose cranks up the heat in more ways than one for recurring heroine Det. Mia Mitchell, last seen in You Can't Hide , to deliver another winning romantic mystery thriller. When a series of arsons turns out to hide a homicide, Mia teams up with Chicago Fire Department Lt. Reed Solliday to track down the firebug killer. Still reeling from her father's death and her last case, which landed her partner, Abe, in the hospital, Mia's not pleased to be teaming up with someone new—especially with Abe's assailant still on the loose. Reed has his doubts as well, suspecting that Mia isn't ready to be back on assignment. As the investigation proceeds and the two divulge their troubled pasts, they find themselves warming to each other—just in time for Mia to become the next target for the flame-happy madman. Rose's characters aren't exactly fresh—she's the tough-but-vulnerable cop's daughter, he's the gruff-but-lovable heavy—but Rose gives them plenty of room to develop as the tense...

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