Обложка книги Web Design by Index Content (Agile Rabbit Editions)

Web Design by Index Content (Agile Rabbit Editions)

ISBN: 9057680696;
Издательство: Pepin Press
Страниц: 528

Web Design Indexes are international bestsellers, with about a quarter million copies sold worldwide. Since its first edition in the year 2000, the annual Web Design Index has developed into one of the most important publications in its field. Year after year, it gives an accurate overview of the state of the art in web design. Every Web Design Index contains 1002 outstanding web pages. With each web page, the URL is indicated, as well as the names of those involved in the design and programming. Selection for the Web Design Index is based on design quality, innovation, and effectiveness, and the books offer examples of all conceivable forms and styles. In addition to the Web Design Indexes, The Pepin Press / Agile Rabbit Editions has started to publish the annual Web Design Index by Content. These volumes feature some 600 sites, arranged by content (qualified by trade, profession, vocation, etc.), covering all conceivable uses of the Web. Of each site, two pages are reproduced in the...