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Frank Popper

From Technological to Virtual Art

Обложка книги From Technological to Virtual Art

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ISBN: 026216230X, 9780262162302
Издательство: The MIT Press
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 504
In From Technological to Virtual Art , respected historian of art and technology Frank Popper traces the development of immersive, interactive new media art from its historical antecedents through today's digital, multimedia, and networked art. Popper shows that contemporary virtual art is a further refinement of the technological art of the late twentieth century and also a departure from it. What is new about this new media art, he argues, is its humanization of technology, its emphasis on interactivity, its philosophical investigation of the real and the virtual, and its multisensory nature. He argues further that what distinguishes the artists who practice virtual art from traditional artists is their combined commitment to aesthetics and technology. Their "extra-artistic" goals -- linked to their aesthetic intentions -- concern not only science and society but also basic human needs and drives. Defining virtual art broadly as art that allows us, through an...