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Geri Gay, Helene Hembrooke

Activity-Centered Design : An Ecological Approach to Designing Smart Tools and Usable Systems (Acting with Technology)

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ISBN: 0262072483, 9780262072489
Издательство: The MIT Press
Год издания: 1905
Страниц: 144
The shift in the practice of human-computer interaction (HCI) Design from user-centered to context-based design marks a significant change in focus. With context-based design, designers start not with a preconceived idea of what users should do, but withan understanding of what users actually do. Context-based design focuses on the situation in which the technology will be used -- the activities relating to it and their social contexts. Designers must also realize that introduction of the technology itself changes the situation; in order to design workable systems, the design process must become flexible and adaptive. In Activity-Centered Design , Geri Gay and Helene Hembrooke argue that it is time to develop new models for HCI design that supportnot only research and development but also investigations into the context and motivation of user behavior. Gay and Hembrooke examine the ongoing interaction of computer systems use, design practice, and design...
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