Обложка книги Apparel Manufacturing : Sewn Product Analysis (4th Edition)

Apparel Manufacturing : Sewn Product Analysis (4th Edition)

ISBN: 0131119826;
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Страниц: 672

Book Description This comprehensive text provides in-depth coverage of all facets of the apparel manufacturing process in the global industry. The coverage considers product development from the analysis phase through product standards, specifications and design phases. The primary focus is on inter-related decision-making required for apparel product development. Includes sections on the dimensions of apparel management, quality management, materials selection, production planning, and the complete financial portion of the business. Emphasis is placed on the integrated roles of merchandising, sourcing, and marketing. Covers apparel engineering, preproduction operations, and a pertinent discussion of technology and equipment. For anyone interested in fashion, apparel, or retailing.