Обложка книги Digital-Botanic Architecture : D-B-A

Digital-Botanic Architecture : D-B-A

ISBN: 0930829549;
Издательство: Lumen Books
Страниц: 96

Book Description Digital-Botanic Architecture ( D-B-A ) explores physical as well as digital design and architecture based on biological forms-especially plant morphology. Fusing Leibniz's eighteenth-century metaphysic with Richard Dawkins'twentieth-century theory of the meme, D-B-A simultaneously interweaves Louis Sullivan's "botanic architecture," as developed in his A System of Architectural Ornament , with current design, contending that architecture is a waylaid biological extension of its builders-an extended phenotype, as Dawkins would call it. Dollens also explores the use of software such as Xfrog in order to grow building elements using the software's botanic algorithms. In his own work he designs hypotheticalstructures and building-skins that are realized in digital models, physical stereolithographic models, graphics, and animations: for example, his 2004 spiral bridge (influenced by a seedpod's spiraling flight and by the biological...

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