Обложка книги Product Design

Product Design

ISBN: 3-8238-5597-2;
Издательство: Te Neues Publishing Company
Страниц: 400

Book DescriptionEver since the first piece of toast popped warm and golden out of a toaster, man has been buying, using, and replacing products for home, work, and play. From the graceful precision of the Arts & Crafts style to the recent popularity of "blob" design, this generously illustrated look at the history of product design is as fascinating as the products themselves. Hundreds of photographs, sketches, drawings, and lively text reveal how small and large objects were conceived of, built, packaged, marketed, and consumed through the years and around the world. Various schools of design and notable movements are discussed, as well as the technologies that helped create new uses for products even as they rendered previous items obsolete. From home furniture, houseware, audio and visual equipment, small and large appliances and personal care items to computer chips, medical equipment, cellular phones, sports equipment, toys, cars, and clothing, every aspect of daily life is...

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