Обложка книги The Origins of Things: Sketches, Models, Prototypes

The Origins of Things: Sketches, Models, Prototypes

ISBN: 9056623184;
Издательство: NAI Publishers
Страниц: 272

Book DescriptionIn an effort to find the origin of all designed things, this exhibition and publication conduct an international survey of the history of design from William Morris's wallpaper to Rem Koolhaas's Prada store. Through examples of 30 completed research projects, The Origin of Things illuminates the process by which designers transform their often groundbreaking ideas into functional, manufacturable products. Drawings, cardboard models stuck together with tape and ultramodern computer animations are more significant here than the finished products, for they illuminate the designer's process in a way that the finished product--unless it is a deconstructive design object!--does not. In addition to the evolution of the paperclip and GerritRietveld's Zigzag Chair, The Origin of Things also reveals the steps that led up to the best kettle ever, to a strikingly snotty vase and to visionary cars, vacuum cleaners and a fold-up scooter. Texts include an introduction...

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