Обложка книги The Rise of Fashion: A Reader

The Rise of Fashion: A Reader

ISBN: 0816643938;
Издательство: University of Minnesota Press
Страниц: 355

Book DescriptionWriting more than a century before Vogue, no less a figure than G. W. F. Hegel reviewed the fashion of his day and found it wanting because, in becoming outmoded so quickly, it drew attention away from the timeless beauty of the human form. And Hegel is not unique among philosophers in his interest in fashion?s role; for more than 250 years, social thinkers have considered fashion?its transitive nature, the conformity it inspires, the vast range of its influence?as a defining feature of modern life. In The Rise of Fashion, Daniel Leonhard Purdy brings together key writings from the Enlightenment to the twentieth century that explore fashion as the ultimate expression of modernity. Making available many previously untranslated or otherwise unfamiliar works from French, German, and English, Purdy establishes an extraordinary lineage of fashion commentary dating back to Mandeville and Voltaire, which laid the groundwork for the writings on commodity...