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The World in A Room: When Objects Have the Names of Places

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ISBN: 8881584166
Издательство: Charta
Год издания: 1905
Страниц: 108
Book DescriptionSofas with the names of cities. Chairs with the names of countries. Lamps with the names of islands. Tables that recall architectural styles. Household appliances that allude to morphological land elements. The Italian design objects gathered together in this book give new shape to the places and forms of the Earth, representing them within the walls of the home, bringing the four corners of the earth into the confines of the domestic living room and kitchen. The world comes home via AldoRossi's Elba cabinet, Massimo Morozzi's Babel bookcase, Mario Cananzi's Tatlin sofa, Nanda Vigo's Manhattan lamp, Gianfranco Frattini's Kyoto coffee table, Ettore Sottsass's Boston cocktail shaker and Casablanca shelving unit, Gaetano Pesce's Broadway chair, and Angelo Mangiarotti's Lesbo lamp. As a family, these design objects implement a reversal and a balance of scale between large and small, internal and external, function and representation. Through a precise strategy of naming,...