Обложка книги Greek Designs (British Museum Pattern Books)

Greek Designs (British Museum Pattern Books)

ISBN: 0714122394;
Издательство: David Brown Book Company
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionGreek art usually brings to mind magnificent statues and gleaming temples. However, the richness and variety of Greek designs, as represented in the drawings of this book, remind us of the many other extraordinary achievements of the Greeks. Borders framing vase paintings, friezes carved on buildings, emblems placed on coins and other ornaments are exquisitely designed. Patterns of plant forms are elegantly varied, meanders expanded, elaborated or curtailed, fish, fowl, mammals or monsters are organised into decorative designs. Curved or angular, geometrical or organic, the most successful formulations are used on a range of different scales from tiny designs painted on vases to large mouldings on architecture. A clear and concise introduction outlines the historical background to the designs, and touches on the many themes represented in vase painting, sculpture, architecture and coinage amongst others. Useful information is provided in the notes on the materials,...

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