Обложка книги Mediokilo: Drawings, Designs and Vignettes

Mediokilo: Drawings, Designs and Vignettes

ISBN: 9872018618;
Издательство: La Marca Editora
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionWhat's black and white and red and weighs just half a kilo? Mediokilo , the compact compendium of icons and vignettes from HB Design Studio in Buenos Aires. Icons for the sun, the tragicomedy, a hammer, a microwave oven, a book, a peg, a carpet, on the rocks, an altar boy, a conscience laundry, an obelisk, a cold buffet, a martini, a suitcase with a lock, an armchair, a spool of thread, crude oil, and many, many other items and expressions that merit their very own pictogram for a world of wordless communication. Paperback, 4.75 x 6.5 in., 256 pages, 256 b/w illustrations

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