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People, Places, and Material Things: Historical Archaeology of Albany, New York. New York State Museum Bulletin 499

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ISBN: 1555571433
Издательство: New York State Museum
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 187
Book DescriptionThe last decade has been a period of archaeological activity in Albany unlike any other in the city?s history in terms of the size and quantity of investigations that were completed. This volume presents some of the recent results ofarchaeological excavations in Albany to archaeologists and others with an interest in the material remains of this city?s past. Following the initial chapters that provide a brief overview of the history of Albany and a history of archaeology in Albany, the chapters are organized under the topics related to daily life in the past: people, places, and material things. The final section presents chapters concerned with battles and breakthroughs or challenges that archaeologists in Albany have faced in the process of investigating this city. That early Albany was a multicultural community is continually revealed in new ways by archaeological evidence. There is no single, unified past of the city that can be revealed by a single...
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