Обложка книги Schauspieler - Von der Antike bis zur Renaissance (DIE BERUHMTEN) (German Edition)

Schauspieler - Von der Antike bis zur Renaissance (DIE BERUHMTEN) (German Edition)

ISBN: 380534225X;

English summary: Actors have been present in all historical epochs. Highly celebrated by lovers of art, excluded from "bourgeois society," demonized by the church, to choose the actor's life required courage and fatalism. But for many it was not even a question; they simply had to act out their inner self. Others had no choice but to follow into the occupation of their fathers and forefathers. This book tells the life stories of famous actors from Antiquity to the Renaissance. The highs and lows, and the glory and misery of a public life through the ages are brought to light. The second volume, entitled Schauspieler: Vom Barock bis Heute (Actors: From the Baroque to the Present), will appear in the spring of 2011. German text. German description: Von Mnester bis Moliere: Ein Leben auf den Brettern, die die Welt bedeuten Schauspieler hat es in allen historischen Epochen gegeben. Hochgefeiert von den Liebhabern der Kunst, ausgegrenzt von der "gutburgerlichen Gesellschaft", verteufelt...

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