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Masato Samata

Designin' in the Rain: Designin' in the Rain

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ISBN: 8495951622
Издательство: Actar
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 191
Book DescriptionDelaware is, by their own definition, a "Japanese supersonic group [that] designs-rocks and rocks-designs." They also call themselves "Artoonists." Since 1993, the collaborative has displayed their retro-futurism across a range of contemporary products, including music CDs, CD-ROMs, commercials, magazines, T-shirts, websites, live shows, and mobile phones. Delaware is four: Masato Samata, tape recordist, vocalist, lyricist, composer, art director, and designer; Aya Honda, bassist, vocalist, composer, and designer; Morihiro Tajiri, guitarist, bassist, drummer, vocalist, composer, and recordist; and Yoshiki Watanabe, guitarist, vocalist, sound programmer, phone ringer, and composer. Their style, a mixture of music and graphic design, hassurprised audiences and viewers around the world, from New York to Barcelona to Tokyo (or the other way around). At Mac Expo '98, they played a live audio-visual show with eight projectors. In early 2001, they mounted the first-ever...
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