Обложка книги Gout Hater's Cookbook II: The Low Purine Diet Cookbook

Gout Hater's Cookbook II: The Low Purine Diet Cookbook

ISBN: 1888141808;
Издательство: Reachment Pubns
Страниц: 112

The perfect addition to the Gout Hater's Collection, designed specifically for persons suffering from gout. This new book complies with the modified purine diet in its predecessor, Gout Hater's Cookbook. It also meets the requirements of the restricted purine diet. The recipes you will find in Book II feature a more detailed, albeit restriced, food list, for a delicious ovo-lacto- (eggs and milk allowed) vegetarian diet. Gout Hater's Cookbook II was put together in an effort to demonstrate just how delectably well you can eat, even on a restricted purine diet, while continually helping to lower your uric acid levels. Over 100 recipes, 112 pages, features comprehensive food lists of foods allowed and not allowed. Sections include Questions and Answers, Helpful Hints, Breakfast, Appetizers, Beverages, Main Dishes, Sides, Sauces, Desserts, Metric Conversion Chart and a lengthy bibliography.

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