Обложка книги Disease Prevention and Treatment

Disease Prevention and Treatment

ISBN: 0965877752;
Издательство: Life Extension Media
Страниц: 1535

Book DescriptionThe public too often hears about a new life-saving therapy, only to be told that the treatment won?t be available for many years. The Life Extension Foundation is proud to release the fourth edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment. This significantly expanded fourth edition provides 1,535 pages of concise information about therapies that are documented in the scientific literature, but are not routinely incorporated into clinical medical practice. Many of the recommendations in this latest edition of DiseasePrevention and Treatment provide "inside" information about what innovative physicians are doing to prevent and treat the degenerative diseases of aging. Disease Prevention and Treatment contains novel information that the general public and their doctors are largely unaware of. A few examples of the kind of unique information contained in this book include: ? A drug that is 92% effective in preventing the flu in people who have been exposed to...