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Darlyne Gaynor, Ph.D. Nemeth

Helping Your Angry Child: Worksheets, Fun Puzzles, and Engaging Games to Help You Communicate Better : A Workbook for You and Your Family

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ISBN: 1572243120
Издательство: New Harbinger Publications
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 200
Book DescriptionThis workbook, based on a wide-ranging ten-year clinical study of anger and children by experts in the field, uses enjoyable games and exercises to teach the three critical components of parenting an angry child. The first component explores the concept of good parenting and how to recognize and resolve excess emotional baggage from the past that perpetuates the problem. The second shows how to understand, recognize, and deal with the anger a child expresses, and offers parents a base from which to teach anger management skills. The third component addresses how to listen without reacting to a child?s anger, how to find practical alternatives to anger, and how to resolve this difficult emotion within the family structure. Illustrations, charts and tables are included.