Обложка книги Industrial Safety and Health Management, Fifth Edition

Industrial Safety and Health Management, Fifth Edition

ISBN: 0131423924;
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Страниц: 528

Book DescriptionUnique in approach, this book combines? in one volume ?an exploration of the time-tested concepts and techniques of safety and health management, a modern perspective on compliance with mandatory standards for workplacesafety and health, and a variety of solved problems, case studies, and exercises. It provides reasons, explanations, and illustrations of the hazard mechanisms that form the underlying basis for the volumes of detailed standards for workplace safety and health. KEY TOPICS Specific chapter topics cover Concepts of Hazard Avoidance, the impact of federal regulation, process safety and disaster preparedness, buildings and facilities, ergonomics, health and toxic substances, environmental control and noise, flammable and explosive materials, personal protection and first aid, fire protection, materials handling and storage, machine guarding, welding, electrical hazards, and construction. For industrial engineers.

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