Обложка книги Objetar To Object: Memoria y Creacion Memory and Creation

Objetar To Object: Memoria y Creacion Memory and Creation

ISBN: 8495951495;
Издательство: Actar
Страниц: 162

Book DescriptionWhat does it mean To Object ? To Object is to think about the object of objects. To question the role they play in our world, the sort of relations they engender among people. To explore the most human and generous side of objects with the aim of reflecting on the very meaning of their existence. To Object is a conceptual attitude that responds to problems with familiar concepts or ideas, as well as with ones that have never been thought of before. Games, bricolage, humor, participation, and user-friendliness: these are strategies that help us foster creative relations with the everyday world. These attitudes underpin the work of a new generation of designers who understand design as a means, rather than an end, as a question of content more than form--represented here by a selection of 40 designers and design collaboratives, and some of their most endearing, witty, unconventional designs. Published in a book that converts into a photo frame,...

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