Обложка книги The Compassion Box

The Compassion Box

ISBN: 1590300750;
Издательство: Shambhala Publications
Страниц: 288

Book DescriptionFor many centuries Tibetan Buddhists have used a traditional collection of pithy, penetrating slogans to help them develop equanimity, intelligence, and compassion amid the turbulence of daily life. This boxed set presents all the tools needed to learn this transformative practice (called lojong in Tibetan), presented in Pema’s accessible, down-to-earth style. The Compassion Box contains a set of finely produced cards presenting fifty-nine powerful maxims, including “Don’t be swayed by external circumstances,” “Don’t be so predictable,” and “Be grateful to everyone.” The cards can be displayed at work or home for guidance and inspiration throughout the day. On the reverse side of each card Pema offers new illuminating and inspiring comments on how to understand and apply the maxims. The Compassion Box includes: •59 two-color cards, with a Buddhist slogan on one side and original...