Обложка книги The Female Pelvis Anatomy & Exercises

The Female Pelvis Anatomy & Exercises

ISBN: 0939616386;
Издательство: Eastland Press
Страниц: 159

Book DescriptionThe female pelvis and its contents are an underappreciated region of the anatomy. Important not only for sexuality, they are also central to the processes of childbirth and elimination. The Female Pelvis was written for women to use over the course of their lives, with a special emphasis on pregnancy, childbirth, and its aftermath. Its purpose is to help women become more familiar with the pelvis and its related structures, and how to keep them healthy and fit. The book begins with a description of the functional anatomy of the pelvis, and how it responds to pregnancy and childbirth. This is followed by a series of specific exercises, initially for self-discovery, and then to increase the flexibility, strength, and coordination of each of the pelvic functions. The book concludes with some guidelines which focus on the pelvis during different phases of a woman's life. The Female Pelvis was designed to make the subject of the pelvis understandable to all women....