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Clinton McLemore

Toxic Relationships and How to Change Them : Health and Holiness in Everyday Life

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ISBN: 0787968773, 9780787968779
Издательство: Jossey-Bass
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 304
Book DescriptionIn this groundbreaking book, Dr. Clinton McLemore— a leading expert on interpersonal relationships— gives you a powerful roadmap for promoting healthy and productive relationships. Toxic Relationships draws extensively from psychological research and Christian theology and is filled with practical strategies you can use to create better communication at home and at work. You will learn how to increase appreciation, tenderness, respect, comfort, and understanding in all of your relationships by recognizing the eight basic "default styles" that most of us use to respond to others. By using biblical examples, Dr. McLemore shows how we can change our own destructive behavior and influence the behavior of others by understanding these eight toxic strategies: Controlling Drifting Intruding Freeloading Humiliating Scurrying Victimizing...