Обложка книги Webster's New World Medical Dictionary (2nd Edition)

Webster's New World Medical Dictionary (2nd Edition)

ISBN: 0764524615;
Издательство: Webster's New World
Страниц: 408

Amazon.comThe Internet and the Information Age promise all the data you can take, but fall short when it comes to helping you understand it all. If you've decided to learn more about your health, the language of medicine can be a daunting obstacle. Webster's New World Medical Dictionary , created in partnership with MedicineNet.com, is an excellent first reference for nonprofessionals; the thousands of definitions are clearly and precisely written and cross-referenced in plain language. The contentis "100 percent doctor-produced" and highly reliable, yet edited well enough that those of us on the other side of the insurance card can grasp the meaning quickly. Whether your kid has a greenstick fracture, you want to find out what's so terrible abouttetanus that you need a shot, or your tests came back "WNL," you'll find that a little learning, far from being a dangerous thing, can offer greater peace of mind and help you deal more directly with your health care. The accompanying...

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