Обложка книги When Your Kids Push Your Buttons : And What You Can Do About It

When Your Kids Push Your Buttons : And What You Can Do About It

ISBN: 0446530158;
Издательство: Warner Books
Страниц: 284

Book DescriptionCountless times a day a variation of the following scenario plays out across the country: A mother is running late.She's trying to finish breakfast and get her child to daycare and herself to work, when her four-year-old spills his milk. When she tells him to clean it up, he yells, 'No, you do it,' and he sticks out his chin. She sees red. It's a given, kids push their parent's buttons like nobody else can. Too many mothers and fathers can be provoked to react with harmful anger, and children learn to manipulate their parents' emotions repeatedly, resulting in unhealthy life-long patterns. In WHEN YOUR KIDS PUSH YOUR BUTTONS, the focus is on the parent. By showing parents that it is their ideas and perceptions that push their own buttons,the responsibility is taken off the child's behavior and the theory that the child becomes the teacher to the parent is developed. Filled with anecdotes from real families, this book is destined to become a parenting classic.

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