Обложка книги Before the Heart Attacks

Before the Heart Attacks

ISBN: 0452285267;
Издательство: Plume Books
Страниц: 368

Amazon.comIn this lucid and revolutionary book, cardiologist Robert Superko counsels readers about how to outwit their genes by identifying "metabolic markers" that predict future heart attacks. "To make a preemptive strike, you have to know which factors are putting you in harm?s way," he explains. So rather than focusing on cholesterol count, Superko outlines a patient-doctor partnership to create a personal risk profile he calls a "cardiac fingerprint." Here?s the drill: Through a detailed self-assessment, patients identify a series of risk factors (family history, age, physical traits, medical conditions). If the risk profile is high, the next step is a physician- ordered blood test to identify metabolic markers (for example, C-reactive protein, fibrinogen and lipoprotein) that indicate high risk for heart attack. Depending on the results, tests such as a carotid or intra-vascular ultrasound can pinpoint heart disease. With this data in hand, Dr. Superko is convinced...